Audio Conferencing

All of our Conferencing Solutions offer best-in-class audio service. Clear, reliable audio ensures that callers stay engaged making conference calls more effective. When all participants can hear clearly and do no need to repeat themselves, the overall productivity of the entire meeting increases. Intelliverse HearMe Audio allows you to host meetings instantly – anytime from anywhere. You and your participants can join an audio conference from a landline, computer or mobile device.


Enjoy on-demand, enterprise-class voice conferencing to conduct virtual meetings with your customers, colleagues, and partners.

  • Cost Effective – Reduce travel costs and control telecom expenses
  • Flexible – Place your call anytime, anywhere without a reservation or operator
  • Simple – Easily manage calls with audio conference controls
  • Dependable – Receive operator assistance, if needed, at any time during the call
  • Secure – Ensure no unwanted participants gain access to your conference
Low Cost

Volume-based pricing ensures you only pay for what you use and gain discounts when you use more.

Intelliverse & Audio Conferencing

Intelliverse started with audio conferencing, and now offers best-in-class audio service to every customer. All of our products offer the same audio conferencing quality — and it can’t be beat.

No Reservations Needed

Hold your conference call at any time without making a reservation. Additional call management features are available online.

How Solution Works
Feature Description
Participants Conference with up to 125 participants at one time
Audio Conference Controls Dial out to domestic & international participants, lock/unlock conference, mute/unmute line, mute all except moderator, participant roll call, replay, record conference, transcription available upon request
Participant Roll Call Know who is on the phone
Entry Options
  • Announce – Announce participant names as they enter the conference
  • Tone – Announce participants by a simple tone as they enter and exit
  • Silent – Elect not to announce names or tones
Conference Continuation Allows the conference to continue after the moderator has discontinued
Operator Assistanc Useful whenever needed, especially during corporate & investor calls that involve Q&A sessions. Operator assistance also available for recording & transcription services
Recording and Archiving Conferences Record a conference for later playback
Additional Security Add passcodes to a conference to ensure no unwanted participants gain access to your meeting
Reporting Features Post-conference summaries – Access summary reports with detailed participant lists, login times and attendance durations Usage reports – Provide complete record of each conference call (time/date of the call, participant caller IDs (when available), number of lines used, minutes that each participant was on the call, total call minutes & the total cost of the conference
Operator Assistance & Technical Support Available 24/7
What Are Some Effective Uses for Conference Calls?
* Connecting cross functional teams from around the globe * Assembling individuals for a meeting at a moments notice
* Corporate and investor calls * Holding weekly sales or team meetings
* Internal Corporate Communications * Product launches
* Hosting meetings with employees & prospects * Crisis management
* Follow up after live meetings * Committee meetings

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